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Quay Bathrooms ltd terms and conditions



1, Definition

“Conditions” means the standard terms and conditions of sale set out below and will include any        special agreements or conditions agreed in writing by us.

“Contract” means any contract for the supply of goods between yourself and the company.

“Goods” means any packaged products or service we shall supply in accordance with these conditions.

“We” means Quay Bathrooms Registered in England company number 12651524 at the address shown above.

“You” means the customer seeking to purchase the goods from us.


2, Price

When selecting Quay bathrooms ltd clients must know that all pricing is agreed at point of sale and confirmed in your invoice.

Once your deposit is paid, we will take that as acceptance of the pricing provided by quay bathrooms

All pricing of good will include value added tax at the prevailing rate.


3, Deposits on orders


Please note that Quay Bathrooms ltd have a very simple pricing structure that must be adhered to by clients that have accepted all pricing and place and order with a deposit.

Quay Bathrooms ltd run a structure of three payment

1st payment, 50% upfront to arrange your project

2nd payment is 75% once all rip out, 1st fix and preparations has been complete

3rd payment is 100% paid forward on completion

Please note that failure to make any of your payments will result in quay bathrooms applying a late payment to you balance of £25.00 per date.


4, Stock

All clients must understand that Quay Bathrooms ltd hold very little stock in house and almost 99% of orders are ordered into us once a project has been agreed.

All bathroom products are ordered for delivery 1 week before your project start date so to minimize delays and errors.

Clients must also understand that we order direct from manufacturers and cannot control delivery time scales however clients will be notified of any delays before your start date.


5, order amendments

Please note that just like pricing, all products must be agreed at the point of sale and that once agreed just like section 4 are ordered in for our clients.

Any amendments to your product must be made in writing to quay bathrooms ltd to the above Address details or other contact information.

Clients must also understand that any amendments made to your product that cause further delays to your project will result in a fitter’s daily rate being applied to your balance of £250.00 or acceptance that we now need to progress with other project booked in until your stock arrives.

After your stock arrives quay bathrooms will endeavor to return to your project at our earliest availability.

Any Amendments made to your project will result in a £150.00 charge.


6, Returns

As stated in section 5 in regard to amendments, Quay Bathrooms Ltd have to make customers aware that because all stock is ordered in that our manufacturers charge a restocking charge up-to 30% of the products value so we work with our clients to make sure they are making the write decision before ordering as to send things back can be costly.


7, Cancellation

If for whatever reason you would like to cancel your project/ order of stock you must cancel by emailing quaybathroomsales@gmail.com at least 10 days before delivery or project start date

Failing to inform us of a cancellation or within the correct timescale, quay bathrooms reserve the right to charge for loss of earnings or restocking charges to the customer for work not booked in after your secured your date or stock to send back due to cancelation.


8, Deliveries

Please note that depending on what sale you have went for weather it be supply only of supply and installation that both carry different delivery options that would have been discussed prior to your booking.

Supply only sale will receive a delivery date for all good that will be adhered to by quay bathrooms ltd

On supply and installation project, all stock will be delivered to our warehouse or showroom so the fitter can take what is needed and when it is needed to complete your project.


9, Loss or damages to good on delivery

If your products are delivered direct to your home address clients must check all stock thoroughly before accepting your delivery and any damages or missing stock must be highlighted to quay bathrooms ltd withing 24 hours of your delivery.

If your products are delivered to quay Bathrooms ltd we then take full responsibility for loss or damages and will have the situation resolved asap


10, Installation


Quay Bathrooms ltd subcontractors a lot of our project out to full qualified and professional fitters that are checked and vetted through our intense process before being aloud to take on any work from ourselves.

All subcontractors are classed as recommendations to our clients at point of sale and is 100% our client’s choice weather they agree or would like to wait for an in-house fitter.

All subcontractors carry liability insurance of up-to £1,000,000.00 to put you at ease when agreeing to your project.

Any damages cause by subcontractor will result in quay bathrooms ltd providing our clients directly with their insurance information and any damaged cause by our in-house fitting teams will result in us providing you with our insurance information.

All damages cause must be identified to quay bathrooms ltd within 24 hours after the incident happens weather it be in-house or subcontractor so that we can rectify the situation.

Failure to report any damages to quay bathrooms ltd will result in us not being able to provide a solution or insurance information.


11, Governing law and jurisdiction

These terms and condition shall be governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with English law


12, Data protection


Quay Bathrooms advise our clients that we are fully compliant and abide by the GDPR regulations and assure all clients that no sensitive information will be supplied to a third party.


13, Acceptance


Please note that quay bathrooms ltd will send a copy of these terms and conditions to all clients and would appreciate a signed copy returned to us within an appropriate timescale however we do need clients to point out that all terms and conditions will be legally accepted once your deposit has been paid and even if this form has not been returned.


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Thank you for your business and we look forward to your project